Since 2000, Gibbs has been successfully providing consistent, dependable services to both commercial and government Customers – large and small. From general offices to military headquarters, to libraries, computer rooms, and laboratories.

Experienced Management

Our experienced managers run projects regionally and across the United States. Gibbs provides complete move management services. We coordinate any specialty, expert, or subcontract services a Customer may require. Gibbs executes project Management Plans flawlessly. Our skilled project teams apply exactly the right effort and exactly the right talent required on each project.

Gibbs Runs Diverse Operations

Gibbs also runs supply and warehouse operations, shipping, storage, and administrative support assignments as well.

We Handle Tough Requirements

We operate within tight timeframes, in secure environments, and to very exacting Cusomer schedules.

Our Commitment to Complete Customer Satisfaction

Gibbs consistently delivers services that exceed Customer requirements and expectations. Our positive Customer testimonials and consistent high ‘past performance’ ratings testify to our “can do” approach to each assignment. We are totally committed to Complete Customer Satisfaction.

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