Lydell Gibbs, Warehouse Manager

Lydell Gibbs, Warehouse

Full-Service Storage and Warehouse Services Northern Virginia

Gibbs Contracting’s commercial storage services provide efficient shipping, receiving, and warehouse operations provide significant benefits to our customers through our experienced staff, use of advanced technology, and the latest methodologies. Gibbs provides comprehensive shipping, receiving, and warehouse services both at our own secure facilities and at designated facilities.

Gibbs warehouse services include:

  • Shipping and receiving (furniture, equipment, and supplies)
  • Loading and unloading delivery trucks on the loading dock
  • Maintaining inventories of equipment/furniture on the loading dock
  • Box recycling and baling.

Gibbs also easily manages inbound and outbound loading dock activities for processing documents, furniture, packages, materials, and supplies.

Shipping Services

Gibbs coordinates courier and mail services in order to receive the most cost- and time-efficient shipping available. We also utilize technology for tracking packages and materials to provide an end-to-end shipping and receiving process, which provides anaudit trail to confirm delivery and establish compliance.


Our shipping and receiving activities comply with OSHA requirements and hazardous materials regulations, as applicable.Gibbs’ shipping and receiving services include shipping crates, boxes, furniture, administrative materials, and other items to destinations domestic, out of state, and nationwide.

Moving and Warehouse Services

The basic receiving function is to ensure that the supplier has delivered the right product, in the right quantities, in good condition and on schedule. That said, the services Gibbs provides at its own and Customer receiving docks include:

  • Scheduling
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Counting
  • Quality / Quantity Check
  • Identification of Damaged Products
  • Dealing with Quality Related Issues
  • Inventory Update
  • Routing to Destination, and
  • Product Identification, Warehousing & Storage

Secure Commercial Storage Services

Gibbs Contracting stores Customer items in our clean, secure, totally enclosed, and environmentally controlled storage facility warehouses located in Lorton, VA, within 20 miles of Washington, D.C. Our storage facility contains a standard loading dock designed for direct loading and off-loading of tractor-trailers and 5-ton trucks with lift gates. Our facility contains efficient storage shelving systems.

All stored items are inventoried prior to entering storage, and again upon exit. This includes checking and noting the condition of the assets, including any pre-existing damage. All stored items are insured.
warehouse supply services warehouse supply serviceswarehouse supply services warehouse supply services
Gibbs Contracting is pleased to make forklift and warehousemen personnel available both on a scheduled basis or on-call as Customer needs require. We can accomplish typical truck off-loads or load-out within a three-hour period for a tractor-trailer rig, and within one hour for a 5-ton, lift-gate truck.

Gibbs Contracting provides storage, on a cost per square foot basis. Minimum storage time for cost/payment purposes is 30 days – monthly.

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