Use Gibbs Move Management Services to plan for, manage, oversee, and administrate your next move! We handle EVERYTHING related to the preparation, scheduling, tracking, coordination, and execution of moves.

Call the experts! Gibbs applies proven project management techniques to the dynamic move environment. Our emphasis is on efficiency, accountability, finding the right suppliers/vendors, on saving time and money, flawless project coordination, and on delivering Complete Customer Satisfaction is achieved at every step.

Our secret to success is … Experience!

Gibbs uses decades of experience and our rich practical knowledge of how the components of a move interrelate and affect each other. Our Move Management Team is made up of proven moving veterans – experts in moving terminology, operations, capabilities, management, and possibilities.

Customer Benefits!

Improved, Faster, and Better Coordinated Move Services
and Reduced Move Costs
We make your every move a great move!
  • Transferee pre-move and entitlement counseling
  • Customer Policy Administration
  • Carrier Selection and Management
  • Preparation of Bills of Lading
  • Shipment Booking
  • Move Process Administration
  • Negotiation of supplier contracts
  • Service audit and authorization process
  • Claims Assistance (preparation, filing and settlement)
  • Storage Administration
  • Management Information Reporting
  • On-Site Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Oversee and Administer Carrier Evaluation Process
  • Customized Implementation Process
  • Order Initiation and Information System
  • Transferee Service Escalation Advocacy, and
  • Zero-defect invoice audits.


Our Federal Move Management Services program is based on the following:

1. A structured program to meet agency and employee needs
2. A management group to implement and facilitate the planned program
3. Twenty-four hour, seven day communication
4. Pre and Post Auditing of all billings prior to submission
5. Multi-carrier capability, and
6. One Stop Service.

Our network of proven, skilled suppliers are equipped to perform exacting moving and storage services for all federal agencies, including those with secure environments.

Our staff can share a wealth of information, from special authorizations to events:

  • Estimated vs. actual costs
  • On-time performance by supplier
  • Claims frequency, severity by supplier
  • Shipment distribution
  • Invoice summaries
  • Storage summaries
  • Carrier performance
  • HHG summaries
  • POV summary
  • Carrier rotation
  • Storage events
  • Claim events
  • Agent rotation
  • Completed 3080s
  • Consolidated 3080s
  • Distance range report
  • Shipping costs
  • Shipment statistics
  • Permanent storage report
  • Agent claims summary
  • Agent performance

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