Gibbs Telecom Services (GTS) is a hardware/software services lead company that incorporates communications-empowered technology into our client’s communications strategy. As an authorized dealer and reseller of data, telephone and access control systems, Gibbs offers highly reliable, scalable telecom solutions that enable our clients to deliver empowered connections among its staff, teams, contacts, and customers.

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From Start to Finish

Gibbs has a results-driven culture. We are backed by global industry leaders who manufacture systems for government, commercial, and healthcare environments. We are a certified dealer/integrator for both Avaya and Galaxy Control Systems. With our technology partners, we share a common vision for providing great results through design, implementation, and customer service.

We tailor our solutions to each customer’s specific needs – optimizing the user’s connections to customers or patients across integrated communication channels including phone, video, email, IM/chat, and social media:

  • Gibbs solutions completely preserve and protect the integrity of all communications across our customer’s enterprise;
  • Gibbs solutions deliver cutting-edge tools and capabilities for telehealth and telemedicine environments.
Gibbs Telecom Solutions

GTS offers robust telecom solutions to support customer needs in the areas below.

Access Control

  • Biometric Solutions
  • Door Accessw Control Systems
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Badge/Photo ID
  • Elevator Control

Voice Communications

  • System sales & installation
  • User and Administrator training
  • Hardware maintenance support
  • On-Call tech support

Voice Communications

  • Voice
  • Email/Chat
  • Conferencing
  • Video

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