How to Choose the Right Commercial Storage Company for Your Business Storage Needs

Whether your business is expanding or downsizing, you may have extra inventory that cannot fit in your business location. Or perhaps you’re selling your products and merchandise online, but you need a secure place to store your inventory outside of your regular place of business. Commercial storage is the solution to your need for extra storage space. But how do you choose the right commercial storage services? Make sure you consider the following factors.

Highly Secure Storage Options

Commercial moving and storage companies need to invest in a reliable security system that monitors their warehouses and storage spaces around the clock. Given that you are trusting them with your inventory or other valuables, you must ensure that their warehouses are properly protected and secured. The ideal warehouse for commercial storage should be totally enclosed, clean, climate-controlled and monitored by commercial video surveillance cameras. These security measures not only protect your merchandise and goods from the elements, but also ensure that they’re monitored in the event of unauthorized access attempts.

Your Specific Business Storage Needs

If you have specific requirements that necessitate shipping and receiving capabilities or frequent in-person visits to your storage space, it’s important to take that into consideration when making your choice of commercial storage providers. Your provider might not be able to meet every need you have, so it’s up to you to indicate the most important requirements and look for storage services that fit your situation best. The goal of selecting a commercial storage company is to help you create more efficient business operations. A full-service moving and storage company can pack, transport and store your inventory, and also send and receive new shipments at their warehouse.

Full Information Regarding Commercial Storage Rates

Before contracting with a commercial storage company, you should consider how long you’ll need their services and the cost. Dictate any specific needs upfront, such as a climate-controlled commercial storage space, to receive an accurate estimate for storage services. Make sure you’re clearly communicating  your access needs and the nature of the inventory, equipment or supplies you wish to store. This can help a commercial warehouse manager understand your specific storage needs and offer the best service terms and conditions based on those predetermined requirements. For example, you may need to store some of your office furniture before you move to a new business location. If you only need temporary commercial storage, make that known to the storage facility you’re considering to get an accurate rate. Considering that in 2017, office equipment accounted for 18% of all the items moved, it’s safe to say most commercial storage facilities have dealt with similar situations.

Insurance for Your Inventory, Supplies and Equipment

The last consideration for your choice of a commercial moving and storage company is one that insures their warehouse to protect your valuable business items. If your inventory gets damaged while in storage, insurance guarantees that you aren’t liable. The best commercial storage companies insure their warehouses to keep their client’s goods safe in case of mishandling, theft or other accidents. Additionally, in case your goods are stolen, you won’t need to worry about incurring significant losses because insurance will have you covered. There may be individual requirements for commercial storage lessees to carry specific coverage on their own goods, so be sure to speak with your storage provider to understand what is covered under their insurance and what you must cover under your own plan.

Ultimately, your choice of commercial storage company is largely influenced by your business requirements and your area of operation. For reputable, professional commercial storage services in the Northern Virginia region, look no further than Gibbs Contracting.  We’re proud to be a full-service moving and storage company that serves our business community by offering trusted commercial storage services. To learn how we can assist your business storage needs, contact our team today!