How to Effectively Manage Commercial Office Relocation

Planning and practicing good moving management protocols can mitigate many common mistakes that occur when a business relocates its offices. Here are a few key tips you can follow to manage your next commercial office move.

Make All of Your Plans Far in Advance

Abiding by best moving management principles often means getting all your ducks in a row as far in advance as possible. A detail-oriented, all-encompassing project plan and schedule is sometimes tedious to arrange and execute, but it’s far better than the alternative. Running a business and conducting day-to-day operations while simultaneously organizing and planning a move is incredibly difficult. For those inexperienced in move management, it’s all too common to discover they’ve made crucial errors that delay or disrupt both the office relocation and business operations. 

If you’re thinking of hiring professional office movers to carry out your office relocation, then be sure to plan that in advance, as well. Establish the full scope of their contracted duties and determine their management capabilities when you hire them. The right relocation and moving professionals offer critical industry insights and experience that translates into unparalleled commercial moving management services.

If you’re also planning on scrapping lots of equipment or materials, make sure you organize accurate timetables for having things disposed of. It’s also important to stay in touch with your new landlord or property management service. Outlining and completing such tasks in advance can help to cut back on unnecessary stress and disruptions to the moving schedule.

Establish a Realistic Budget for Your Move

It’s important that you know all of your costs up front in order to budget business funds appropriately. An accurate budget can also help you to understand any room you may have for hiring professional moving services. Overall, American companies spend over $25 billion per year on moving costs, which averages out to $16,229,125 per company roughly. Given such large numbers, allocating some portion of your funds to move management is to be expected in most businesses. Office relocation is too expensive an endeavor to risk poor management or low budgets, which could result in lost business time due to schedule delays, poor communication, set-up issues at the destination or other sudden complications. Often, good move management includes taking proactive measures to ensure that you’re staying on track with the moving schedule as well. Time is money, as the cliche goes, and effective move planning by industry professionals can prove cost-effective when efficiently executed to ensure as little downtime as possible. The value of limiting disruptions to your customers and employees by using professional move management services to conduct your relocation will prove highly advantageous. 

Keep Detailed Records of Your Office Inventory

The last thing any business wants is to lose or misplace valuable property during the moving process. With larger offices that tend to have lots of separate departments and employees, keeping an accurate list of inventory and supplies during the moving process can be difficult. Even coordinating with personnel in each of your departments may not be enough to keep tabs on every item that gets moved in your relocation. The first order of business is to ensure all equipment and property will be properly packed, labeled and tracked by the movers. Keep in mind that not all moving companies offer inventory management services. Not only is it important to have your items packed swiftly, safely and without damage, but you should select a commercial moving company that offers inventory management to label and track everything of importance. This critical service ensures that all items are accounted for and arrive at their destination. In addition, if your hired moving company is also in charge of managing the relocation, inventory management will also reduce delays and confusion by dictating where each labeled item gets unloaded and unpacked. 

If you’re planning on hiring commercial office movers in the future, get in touch with a member of our team today. At Gibbs Contracting Inc., our team of experienced professionals is here to help as you plan and move your office to a new location.