How Your Business Can Benefit from Commercial Storage

Whether you’re downsizing your office space, moving your business to a new location or need a place to store inventory, commercial storage is an option that can help meet varied business needs. We’ve outlined below the ways that commercial storage can provide benefit.

Good Business Sense

Some of the industries that can be well-served by maintaining commercial storage services include construction, landscaping and catering and event management organizations. For construction businesses, large equipment needs proper storage, as well as security. For subcontractors without their own office, commercial storage offers quick access to their machinery and materials. Catering and event management companies can store equipment and non-perishable supplies for easy on-demand retrieval and even delivery to the event venue. Decor, furniture, linens, china, flatware and glassware can be stored away until it is needed. Landscaping businesses also have large inventories of equipment and tools that need to be safely secured between and during projects. Landscape technicians should only transport the tools needed for each project, not only for a professional appearance but to unload and work more efficiently with the equipment at hand. Also, commercial storage works well for small home-based businesses that require a place to store their inventory, and perhaps require shipping and receiving services as well. Using commercial storage services can free up space in order to operate in a less chaotic environment.

The Economic Benefits

There are economic benefits to any business that chooses a commercial storage option, whether their business needs are short-term or long-term storage. If you’ve just started your business, you may be searching for just the right office space. Until you find it, storing office equipment and furniture is a viable option. Another perk of office storage is quick access to any valuable equipment or supplies stored there. Commercial storage also helps ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. Should you find the perfect space for your business, a full-service moving and storage company can manage and complete the relocation of your items. Be sure that the commercial moving company has specialized moving equipment and employs experienced staff who specialize in moving expensive equipment, materials and furniture. When moving, 33% of people prefer to hire professional movers, and there’s a valid reason for this decision. You want your inventory, supplies and furniture in good hands.

Practical Uses for Commercial Storage Services

Commercial storage is also great for temporary storage due to remodeling, inventory management and downsizing and storing extras for smaller offices. It can help your business organize and stay on top of inventory, as well as maintain optimum efficiency. Important documents can be stored in a safe place, and files that aren’t needed, but that require retention, can be kept in a single storage area. Storing seasonal items, such as landscaping equipment that may not be in use during winter months, is also helpful to keep items in great condition year-round. In addition, items such as electronic equipment that need a controlled environment find a perfect home in well-managed, temperature-controlled storage space.

Hiring a full-service moving and storage company capable of managing, packing, transporting and storing your business items offers much flexibility and convenience of use, and is advantageous in keeping documents and other inventory safe. When selecting a commercial storage company, be sure they are reputable, established and can guarantee the utmost safety for your valuables while in storage. At Gibbs Contracting, we are honored to be chosen by business and government agencies alike for our full-service moving and commercial storage capabilities. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with your commercial storage needs.