The Benefits of Commercial Storage and Warehousing Services

When you need extra space to store your business inventory or equipment, consider commercial storage. You can rely on warehouse services to safely store your goods or office equipment for as long as you wish. Here are a few of the benefits that come with obtaining commercial storage and warehousing services.

Frees up Your Office Space

As your business grows, there may be a need for extra space to accommodate your expanding operations. However, your business may not be ready to rent extra retail space since this could increase operational costs. If you’re based in a busy urban area, retail space can be expensive. Instead of leasing additional space, opt for commercial storage. A commercial mover that offers full-service moving and storage will pack, load, transport and store your inventory and equipment in a clean, secured, environmentally controlled warehouse and ship inventory as needed. This option provides you with safe, but swift access to your stored items, as well as reliable receiving and shipping of your inventoried items. Trusting commercial movers to store your business goods can free up existing space and give you the much-needed room to increase your business operations and service capabilities.

Helps You Manage Office Equipment

You may have extra office furniture, equipment, inventory and other business items after downsizing or during the off season. Instead of working in a cluttered environment with unused office equipment taking up valuable space at your business premises, commercial office movers can store the unneeded office furniture and equipment in their storage facilities. You can also keep track of your stored items with an inventory tracking system implemented by your commercial mover. With commercial moving and storage, you can benefit from efficient moving services as well as easy access to your stored office equipment when you need it again. You’ll have extra space, and your office equipment will be accounted for and safely stored.

Boosts Production

Expanding your business operations means increased production, inventory, equipment, shipping capacity and more, while your available storage space will dwindle rapidly. Fortunately, you can make use of commercial warehouse services, from storage and inventory management to receiving and shipping as well. This solution enables you to focus on improving and increasing your production as you rely on warehouse services for the storage, management and distribution of your goods. Using warehouse shipping services will also give you the confidence to process and ship bulk orders without delay to the benefit of your customers, credibility and bottom line. More so, working with one commercial storage company for all your storage, inventory tracking, inventory management, receiving and shipping needs increases inventory accounting accuracy, reduces the likelihood of errors and streamlines order fulfillment. This will give you more time to focus on your managing and improving overall business operations and effectively boost your overall production.

Eases Office Renovations and Relocations

When your business premises require significant renovations or repairs that disrupt available workspace, or you’re relocating your offices entirely, it may be best to store your office furniture, technology and inventory off-site for a time. A commercial moving and storage company is best suited to store your goods and equipment safely, whether it’s a short-term or long-term arrangement. When moving your business to a new location, you may discover that not all your office equipment, technology and inventory will be needed right away. Managing such a move can be difficult when required to categorize and prioritize the most immediate items, while also accounting for and moving lower priority office equipment. Relocations are often stressful and demanding, more so if you have a large inventory or if your goods are fragile. This is why commercial movers that also offer warehouse services are a good solution to move and store any business items that may complicate, delay or inhibit your office relocation.

When you need extra storage space for your inventory or you want to outsource storage and distribution, commercial storage is the best option there is. In addition to offering commercial moving services, Gibbs Contracting can store, track, manage and ship your goods at one of our warehouses or an offsite location of your choosing. If you need trusted, local commercial moving and storage services, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Gibbs Contracting today.